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A decade after the mass immigration of a large population of Iranian Jews to the United States, and once the early problems of settlement, financial security, and adapting to a new environment were somewhat resolved, some members of the community noticed the lack of written history and documentation on twenty seven centuries of their life in Iran. They also became cognizant of the lack of knowledge and awareness of the society toward their historic and cultural heritage. At this transitional point in history, this group felt a need to shed light on and preserve this rich heritage for the generations to come. They wanted their children to be aware of their identity and roots, and they wanted to provide information on this long forgotten and neglected Iranian branch of Jewish history.

The Graduate Society Foundation - Daneshvaran

The Jews of Iran in the Ninteen Century

Biography of professor

David Yeroushalmy

Born in Tehran,. David Yeroushalmy completed his primary and part of his secondary education at the Alliance Israelite school in Tehran. He Immigrated
 to Israel in 1961 and upon completing his secondary education he enrolled in the Departmen t of Middle Eastern History at the Hebrew University
 of Jerusalem.  Completing his B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and in Political Science, he served in the Israeli Army as an officer.

Upon the completion of his military service he began his graduate studies at the Department of South Asian Studies at the University of Madison, Wisconsin. He earned his M.A.. degree at the latter university in 1977, and pursued his doctoral studies at Colombia University New York, in the Department of Middle East Languages and Cultures. He specialized in Persian and Hebrew languages and literatures. His Ph.D  dissertation, dealing with the pre-modern literature of Persian speaking Jews, examined the literary remain of the 15th -16th century Jewish poet known by his pen-name as Emrani. 

Upon the completion of his dissertation in 1986 D. Yeroushalmy was appointed Lecturer in the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at Tel-Aviv University, where he has been teaching Persian language and Iranian history and culture.

During the years 1987-1992 he was a full time lecturer at the Department of Middle East Languages and Cultures at Colombia University.

Dr. Yeroushalmi’s main field research and publications the literature, culture and history of Persian speaking Jews. In additions to various articles dealing with the latter areas, he has taken part in various research and academic projects and activities in the course of the last three decades. His Book entitled The Judeo-Persian Poet Emrani and His Book of Treasure, was published by E.J. Brill Publishers, Leiden, in 1995. another book dealing with Judeo-Persian literature, is forthcoming in Jerusalem. Dr. Yeroushalmi’s current research focuses on the communal and cultural history of Iranian Jewry in the course of the nineteen-century . His book, entitled The Jews of Iran in the Nineteen Century; Sources and investigations related to the History, Community and Culture of Iran Jewry in the nineteen century , will be published in the near future.
Noteworthy among his more recent publications are:

“Mishnaie Tractate Abot in Judeo-Persian Literature” Irano-Judaica and A.Netzer, Jerusalem 1999,pp.223-250

“Judeo-Persian Bible Translation” (in Hebrew), Pe´amim. 84 (2000)

“Jews of the Ottoman Empire and Jewish Communities of Iran in the Nineteenth Century : Background and Trends” (in Hebrew). Sefunol, New Series Vol.8(23),2003,pp239-276

“Judeo-Persian Literature “ in Ester’s Children, A Portrait of Iranian Jews, ed.II Sarshar, Philadelphia 2002, pp 77-93

“Jews of Iranian Extraction in Israel” (in Hebrew), Edot-Eddut le Israel, cd.A.Mizrahi, Netanya 2001,pp 27-49

Review of Vertal Moreen’s book, in Queen Ester’s Garden: An Anthology of Judeo-Persian Literature, Yale University Press 2000,in the Jewish Quarterly Review ,winter 2004, pp, 172-175

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