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The Graduate Society Foundation Daneshvaran

 Volume 1
About the Author

Professor AMNON NETZER’s Biography

  • Born in Rasht, 1934
  • Immigrated to Israel, 1950
  • Farsi publications editor, Tel Aviv 1955
  • Volunteered to help incoming Israeli immigrants, 1955 and thereafter
  • Voice of Israel announcer until the broadcast ended in 1957
  • Created the daily Farsi language broadcasts of the Voice of Israel in its current format, 1958
  • Graduated with degree in Middle East and International Affairs from Jerusalem Hebrew University, 1963
  • Received postgraduate degree in Iranian Studies, Indo-European Languages, and Semetic Language and Literature from Columbia University, 1965
  • Received doctoral degrees in above fields from Columbia University, 1969
  • Professor at Illinois University, 1969-70
  • Co-founded the Iranian Studies Department at Jerusalem Hebrew University and originator of research and education in Iranian Jewish History and Culture, 1970
  • Professor of Iranian Studies at Jerusalem Hebrew University, 1970 and thereafter
  • Member of Editorial Board, Encyclopedia Iranica, New York
  • Author of numerous articles about Iran in the Encyclopedia Judaica Yearbook and the 33-Volume Hebrew Encyclopedia
  • Member of the Jerusalem Hebrew University Senate, 1992 and thereafter
  • Member of the Israeli Advisors and Scholars in Judaism and World Jewry Affairs; affiliated with the Israeli President’s Residence Association
  • Head of the Iran-India-Armenia department of the Jerusalem Hebrew University Asian and African Institute and the Irano-Judaica Institute
  • Member of Editorial Board, of the quarterly scientific publication Peamim. Jerusalem
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Misgar Yerushalaim Scientific Institute
  • Member of European Scientific Institute Iranological Society
  • Member of the Research Institute of Iran Affairs (The Society of Iranian Studies, USA)
  • Participant in international scientific conferences to raise awareness of the field of Iranian Jewish History and Culture
  • Director of triennial international conferences, along with Professor Shaul Shaked, about the cultural and historical relations between Iranians and Jews.  Attendees include the foremost European, American and Israeli professors in this field. Jerusalem, 1987 to the present
  • Recipient of the Distinguished Professor commendation from Jerusalem Hebrew University, 1988
  • Author of numerous articles about Iranian Jews in Farsi, Hebrew, English, and French, which have appeared in scientific journals and books in Europe, the United States, Israel, Iran, and Russia
  • Mastery and acquaintance with more than ten current and ancient Middle Eastern languages used in research.