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 Volume 1, 2 and 3
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Padyavand:  A Study of Iranian Jewry is both a scientific and historical publication.

Padyavand is the result of much research on the history and culture of Iranian Jews, and aims to make readers aware of the nation’s rich Jewish heritage.

The book’s subject matter is not limited to Iran’s present geographical boundaries.  Rather, it includes all regions where one of the Iranian languages has been spoken and where, historically, Jews have lived.

As the most ancient religious minority, Iranian Jews have carried and protected the true Iranian culture for 27 centuries.  Their rich heritage combines elements of  both Iranian and Jewish traditions.

In recent years, this fantastic treasure is on the verge of being forgotten and destroyed.  It is one of Padyavand’s goals to shed light on the dark corners of the culture and history of this ancient community, through research.

Padyavand attempts to uphold the community’s identity by researching, recording, and documenting its history.  This identity was the link connecting the Iranian and Jewish nations, and is the secret to the community’s survival and grandeur.

Padyavand: A Study of Iranian Jewry includes articles from accomplished professors and researchers in the fields of history, art, literature, folklore, religion, philosophy, documented memoirs, linguistics, geography, and sociology, in addition to the biographies of notable Iranian Jews.  It is a set of 3 volumes, each in both English and Persian.  It was published through the efforts and financial support of The Graduate Society Foundation, with Professor Amnon  Netzer as the Editor-in-chief.

Padyavand is an independent scholarly work, with no political or ideological attachments to any group or country.  A compilation of primary source documents, archival and historical materials, in addition to corrections, annotations, and acceptable additions, it aims to serve as a useful and accessible source for researchers in many academic fields.

About the Author