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The Graduate Society Foundation Daneshvaran

 Volume 1
Book Contents
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The Jews of Iran / Part One                                                Amnon Netzer

Literature of the Jews of Iran / Part One                            Amnon Netzer

Significant Changes in Jewish Education in Iran               Abraham Cohen

The Dialectology of Judeo – Persian                                  Gilbert Lazard

A Select list of Words from the vaticanJudaeo-
Persian Pentateuch (Genesis)                                               Jes P. Asmussen

The Mystery of the flat Torah Finials from
East Persia                                                                            Bracha Yaniv

Zorostrian Polemics against Jews in the Sasanian
And Early Islamic Period                                                     Shaul Shaked

Some Differnces BetweenJewish and Islamic Law             Hava Lazrus-Yafeh

The Challenge of America                                                   Lea R. Baer

Rabbi Haim Moreh                                                              Amnin Netzer

Shalom , The First Judeo-Persia Newspaper                       Amnon Netzer

The Events of 1978                                                              Amnon Netzer

Women and Jewish Law
(reviewed by Nahid Pirnazar Oberman)                                Rachel Biale

About the Author | Book Content | Book Commentaries