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The Graduate Society Foundation Daneshvaran

 Volume 2
Book Contents
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The Jews of Iran/ Part two                                             Amnon Netzer

The Juadeo- Persian Poet , Emrani                                 David Yeroushlmi

Islamic Painting of Biblical Prophets:
A Case of Syncretism                                                       Rachel Milstein

A Sort Story of the Tehran children                                 Amnon Netzer

Report from Alliance Israelite Universelle                       Editor’s Archive

Vaqaye Ettefaqiyeh The Jews Of Shiraz                           Editor’s Archive

Shiraz Teravel Memories                                                  Albet Confino

A letter from Zarqan ; year 1905                                      Editor’s Archive

Shiraz in 1910 ; memories of Bsirat and                          
Other documents                                                               Editor’s Archive

An Envoy Without Title ; Shiraz                                        Mosheh Yishay

Shalom ; The Firs Judeo- Persian Newspaper                   Editor’s Archive

The Events of 1979                                                            Editor’s Archive  

Mlammed ; A  Distinguished Scholar from Shiraz             Amnon Netzer

Women and Jewish Law
(part two-reviewed by Nahid Pirnazar Oberman)            Rachel Biale

About the Author | Book Content | Book Commentaries