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The Graduate Society Foundation Daneshvaran

 Volume 3
Book Contents
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The Jews Of Iran / Part three                                                 Amnon Netzer

Literature of the Jews of Iran  /Part two                                Amnon Netzer

The Jewish Community of Tehran                                         Amnon Netzer

The Hebrew Language in Jewish Education
In Iran                                                                                      Abraham Cohen

The Religious Oath Formulas of Jews and
Muslims in Iran                                                                        Sorour S. Soroudi    

Persian Jews in the Year 1875                                                 Editor’s Archive        

Establishment of the alliance in Tehran                                   Albert Confino

An Envoy Without Title ; Tehran in 1943-1944                      Mosheh Yishay

Shalom ; The Fist Jedeo-Persian Newspaper                           Editor’s Archive

The Events of 1980                                                                  Editor’s Archive    

Hanina Mizrahi ,
A Distinguished Personality from Tehran                               Amnon Netzer

Judaism in Persian's Shadow,
a social and historical approch
Reviewed by Nahid Pirnazar Oberman                                    Jon L. Berquist

About the Author | Book Content | Book Commentaries