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Contemporary Judaism in the Second House of Bondage
Book Contents

Part I : The Freedom of Judaism After the Freedom of Israel

  1. independent Judaism
  2.  Israel, Judaism and independence
  3. Who is Jew ? The Diaspora Asks. But Freedom Inquires: what is Judaism 

Part II : The Five Pillars of Judaism

  1. First Pillar : The One God
  2. Second Pillar : The commandments
  3. Third Pillar : History
  4. Fourth Pillar : Tradition and Customs
  5. Fifth Pillar : Prayers and worship


Part III  - The Impact of the Diaspora on the Pillars of Judaism

 9-  The collapse structure of Judaism
10- Where is God ?
         The impact of the Diaspora on the first Pillar      
11- The Golden Rule in the Diaspora
         The impact of the Diaspora on the Second Pillar     
12- The Weak Memory of Moses’ Nation
         The impact of the Diaspora on the Third Pillar    

  1. The abnormal Growth of Traditions and customs

          The impact of the Diaspora on the Fourth Pillar 

  1. The Emergence of Amulets From Prayers

The impact of the Diaspora on the fifth Pillar

Part IV : The Bondage Continues

    • Deformed Judaism
    • Torah, Captive of a Prison With 613 Cells
    • Anti- Semites vs. Anti- Gentiles
    • Judaism and the Land of Israel
    • A Massage to Young Jews around the World

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