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A decade after the mass immigration of a large population of Iranian Jews to the United States, and once the early problems of settlement, financial security, and adapting to a new environment were somewhat resolved, some members of the community noticed the lack of written history and documentation on twenty seven centuries of their life in Iran. They also became cognizant of the lack of knowledge and awareness of the society toward their historic and cultural heritage. At this transitional point in history, this group felt a need to shed light on and preserve this rich heritage for the generations to come. They wanted their children to be aware of their identity and roots, and they wanted to provide information on this long forgotten and neglected Iranian branch of Jewish history.
Of a World That is No More
by: Israel Singer ( About the Author )

In this book Israel Singer talks about his youth, his optimistic father, his realistic mother, his relatives and others. He describes each one with a child’s perspective but a great writer’s artistry. Creating a Jewish ghetto which is under strict religious restrictions.  He reports about a world which does not exist any more.