Sami Michael: Books in Translation

Arabic: Cairo, Al-Dar Al-Arabian wal-Nashr, 1995
Dutch: Amsterdam, Arena, 1994
Paperback by Rainbow, Amsterdam, 1996
French: Paris, Denoel, 1996
English: London, Macmillan, 1995
German: Berlin, Berlin Verlag, 1995
To be published in paperback by Berlin Verlag
Greek: Athens, Psichogios, 1995
Arabic: Cologne, Al- Kamel Verlag, 2005

A Trumpet in the Wadi:
Dutch: Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 1996
Paperback: De Geus, Breda, forthcoming
German: Berlin, Berlin Verlag, 1996
Paperback: Munich, Goldmann, forthcoming
Chinese: To be published by China Social Sciences, Beiuing
English: New York, Simon & Schuster, 2003
French: Paris, Calmann-Levy,  2006
Italian: Florence, Giuntina,  2006
Persian: Los angeles (USA),  The Graduate Society Foundation,  2007

English: Philadelphia, Jewish publishers Society, 1988

A Handful of Fog:
German: Frankfurt, Alibaba, 1993
paperback by Goldmann, Munich, 1997

Storm over the Palms:
German: Modling, St. Gabriel Verlag, 1995
 Paperback by Beltz & Gelberg, Weinheim, 1998

Love Among the Palms:
German: Vienna, Gabriel, 2000
Russian: Jerusalem, Biblioteka Aliya, 1989
Romania: Editura Allfa, Bucharest, 2006

Shacks and Dreams:
Russian: Jerusalem, Aliya, 1994

Water Kissing Water:
Dutch: Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 2005


Books published in Hebrew
1974 – All Men are Equal – But Some are More (novel) Boostan (twice

adapted for play- 1980, 1998)                                                                         

1975 - Palm Trees in the Storm (novel, youth) Am Oved (recommended as a text book by Educational authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Adapted for play in Youth Theater in 1982).
1977 – Refuge (novel) Am Oved (adapted for play in the Chan Theater in 1980. Used as a required text book for high school matriculation exams in Hebrew literature) 
1979 – A Handful of Fog (novel) Am oved                              
1979 – Shacks and Dreams (novel, youth) Am Oved (Used as a text book in Israel)
1983 – Devils in the Basement (Play) Haifa Theater
1984 – These are The Tribes of Israel, Poalim Publishing: Twelve interviews with Parliament member, journalists, and other public figures, about Social Integration in Israel
 1987 – A Trumpet in the Wadi (novel) Am Oved (Used as a required text book for high school matriculation exams in Hebrew Literature. Twice adapted for play: 1988- Bet-Lesin Theater, 1998- Haifa Theater. Adapted for film in 2001 (This Film won many prizes: the first prize in Haifa International Film Festival, Haifa Culture Foundation prize, Israeli Academy prize for the best drama, the first prize in the Film Festival for love stories in Russia)
1988 – Twins (play) Haifa Theater
1990 – Love among the Palms (novel, youth) Domino Publishing (Used as a text book in Israel)

1993 – Victoria (novel) Am oved (Used as a required text book for high school matriculation exams in Hebrew Literature)                         
1993 – Brown Devils, (novel, youth) Yedioth Ahronoth/chemed Publishing
2000 – The Third Wing (novelette) Keter                                                       

2000 – Unbounded Ideas (theoretical book) Hakibbutz Hameuchad          
2001 – Water Kissing Water (novel) Am Oved                                              
2001 – The Israeli Experience (theoretical book) Ma'ariv Book
2005- Pigeons iat Trafalgar Square (novel) Am Oved