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A decade after the mass immigration of a large population of Iranian Jews to the United States, and once the early problems of settlement, financial security, and adapting to a new environment were somewhat resolved, some members of the community noticed the lack of written history and documentation on twenty seven centuries of their life in Iran. They also became cognizant of the lack of knowledge and awareness of the society toward their historic and cultural heritage. At this transitional point in history, this group felt a need to shed light on and preserve this rich heritage for the generations to come. They wanted their children to be aware of their identity and roots, and they wanted to provide information on this long forgotten and neglected Iranian branch of Jewish history.
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The Graduate Society Foundation Daneshvaran

Esther's Children
Book Contents

Preface And acknowledgements

Introduction:  Dissimulation and the Legacy of Esther’s Children
Houman Sarshar

The Achæmenid Period
Mayer I. Gruber

The Prophet Daniel
Amnon Netzer and Parviz Varjavand

Esther’s Tomb
Elias Yassi Gabbay

The Status of Jews in the Sasanian Empire
Geo Widengren

The Babylonian Talmud
Rabbi Ozer Glickman

Toward a History of Jewish-Muslim Interaction in Medieval Iran
Neguin Yavari

The Safavid Era
Vera B. Moreen

Judeo-Persian Literature
David Yeroushalmi

The Impure Jew
Hooshang Ebrami

Houman Sarshar

The Anusim of Mashhad
Jaleh Pirnazar

From Outcastes to Citizens: Jews in Qajar Iran
Janet Afary

Clothing and Makeup
Haideh Sahim

As With Moses in Egypt:  Alliance Israélite Universelle Schools in Iran
Faryar Nikbakht

Zionist Activities in Twentieth-Century Iran
Avi Davidi

Political Life: Jewish Iranian Intellectuals in Twentieth Century Iran
Shirin D. Daghighian

Iraqi Jews in Iran
Arlene Dallalfar

Languages and Dialects of the Jews of Iran and Afghanistan
Haideh Sahim

Jewish Persian Carpets
Anton Felton

Life’s Events: Birth, Bar Mitzvah, Weddings, and Burial Customs
Leah Baer

Travels Through Iran: A Photo Journal
Lawrence D. Loeb

H.E. Chehabi

The Pahlavi Monarchy and the Islamic Revolution
David Menasheri

Worlds Apart: Mothers, Daughters, and Family Life
Arlene Dallalfar

Eminent Jews of Iran: Their Contributions to the History and Culture of Iran
Neil Kadisha

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